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The Vietnam War


The Vietnam War would span nearly 20 years and involve countries from around the world, millions would die in this colossal power struggle for the small Asian nation.


The Nam' as it would eventually be known, involved the tattered remnants of the French Colonial Empire falling in the face of rising Communist North Vietnamese forces backed by the nations of China, North Korea, and the Soviet Union. The other major player would of course be the United States of America, South Vietnam and some allies from nations, such as Korea, Australia and more.


 This is a war that has so many aspects and issues that surround it, a watershed moment for western civilization, and one quote that really comes to mind is "before that, we didn't think the government would lie to us". It was war born of the honorable intention to remove communism from Asia before an "Iron Curtain" fell over it like had afflicted so many nations of Eastern Europe. 


The Vietnam War would claim the lives of over 58,000 Americans and thousands more soldiers from other nations. It was mired from the outset by political indecision, corrupt allies and constant policy driven idiocy that hogtied the military.


There is an endless amount of interesting stories from this complicated war and its my intention to collect items and stories from all asides and present them here. In an effort to understand the story of this conflict, if only  in some small way. 


The United States of America

I Aint no Fortunate son... Oh no..


Over 2,700,000 Americans served in the brown river deltas, dark jungles, paddy fields, and oceans around Vietnam. 

They fought and died for nearly as many reasons, travelling thousands of miles from home to fight a war most didn't understand and fewer respected. Nearly 60,000 of them never came home, with hundreds of thousands more physically and mentally broken from what they saw and did. 

They returned home to a country that didn't want them and one they couldn't recognize. Here we seek to tell the stories of all those who served, and to honor their sacrifice.

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