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The Slashers

Once more the Gloster held the gap till last,

Once more the old, the grim and gory story,

Once more the great tradition carried on,

Once more the mother of mourning o'er the son,

Once more the Glory! 

Once more the foreign soil-nay 'tis to God,

To Paradise, their happy spirits rise! 

'Tis we who mourn the heroic dead who died,

Envying them their end, their peace, their pride.

F.W. Harvey

  • Captain David Stevens

    1st, 5th, Royal Tank Regiments

    Captain Stevens served in several tank regiments during the national service years of the 1950s. He would serve one tour in Korea with the 1st/5th Royal Tank Regiments, fighting in the later part of the war.

  • Air Electronics Operator James Michael Keating

    Royal Airforce

    James Keating was born in 1930 and enlisted as soon as he was old enough in 1946, no doubt eager to do his bit as he missed WW2. I am awaiting more information as to his Korea service but he served until at least 1969, in 1962 he was posted to RAF Thorney Island onboard Hastings aircraft. 

  • Major John Durbin

    Gordon Highlanders

    Major John Durbin enlisted as soon as he was old enough, catching the tail end of WW2.


    This would kick off a career that would carry him to nearly every corner of the globe. From Korea, to Africa and the Mediterranean , he had a front row seat to the dissolution of the British Empire.


    I am very fortunate a friend of mine has written an incredible biography on this man, should you wish to read it the link will take you to his website. 

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