We are all Canadians. We are a compassionate and righteous people. When we see the searing images of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, many of them Canadian, wandering the streets of New York looking for their missing loved ones, we know where our duty lies.

We have never been a bystander in the struggle for justice in the world. We will stand with the Americans as neighbors, as friends, as family. We will stand with our allies. We will do what we must to defeat terrorism.

However, let our actions be guided by a spirit of wisdom and perseverance, by our values and our way of life. As we go on with the struggle, let us never, ever, forget who we are and what we stand for.

Vive le Canada.

September 17, 2001, Excerpt from Prime Minister Jean Chrétiens speech.

  • Sapper Dayne Thomas

    Royal Canadian Engineers

    My friend Dayne served in the Royal Canadian Engineers in Afghanistan, we are fortunate he has penned a great story about his experiences and provided many photos.


    Have a look and get a small taste of the scorching sun and bitter sands of Afghanistan.

  • Maxim Lavallee Picard

    Regiment De Hull

    Max served with the Canadian army in Afghanistan, he would take part in many foot patrols and has provided one of the most comprehensive groups I am fortunate to posess. We are working on putting some of his experiences to paper so I can include a history of his time in the military.

  • Sara Peden

    Canadian Entertainers

    Sarah would travel from Canada to Afghanistan taking part in entertaining the troops. Like Marilyn Monroe and Bob Hope before her these performances would be critical for morale. 

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