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The Great War On Terror

2001- Present

The War on Terror is still ongoing and arguably started before 2001, the major scope of this collection will no doubt come from the central conflicts of 2003-2014. 

I am not here to comment on the moral or political aspects of these wars, I am here to record and tell the stories of the brave men and women who fought and died across the burning sands, steep cliffs and tight corridor like cities of the Middle East. 

Armies throughout history have fought across the desolate landscape of these regions and many have met their doom. Some say we lost and some say we won, I suppose both are true to some degree but what is important is we get the stories of those who where there first hand recorded. These are the stories that will help us understand the conflict in the years to come and get a glimpse of what it was like on the ground. 

To all of those who served and all those who contributed to this collection, I cannot thank you enough. You are all hero's in my book, worthy of remembrance and gratitude.

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Great Britain

The Great Game, once again.

Great Britain and the United Kingdom would answer the call to fight Terrorism and march back to the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Like the great Lord Roberts and khaki clad soldiers of eons past they would find themselves fighting across barren rock strewn plains, sheer cliffs and against an enemy that was nearly indistinguishable from the civilian population. 

635 Soldiers of the United Kingdom would pay the ultimate sacrifice between 2003-2014, the last time the British Empire marched into this desert landscape was in the 1870s and they lost 1057 soldiers. 



The men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces served with distinction during the War on Terror and continue to do so on battlefields around the world. Always ready to step up to the plate and support our allies, Canada has a proud military tradition that carries on into the 21st Century.

More than 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces members served in the campaign which lasted over a decade. The war would claim the lives of 158 Canadian Soldiers and 7 civilians.


The United States of America

This was not an act of terrorism, but it was an act of war.

George W. Bush


The United states formed the backbone and contributed the most non Korean Troops to the United Nations coalition. Overall command of the War fell to the US 8th Army and they would be the deciding factor in saving South Korea from the Communist Invasion. 

The US dropped more ordnance on North Korea during the war than it did on the entire Pacific Theater of World War II. Hundreds of thousands of americans would fight in Korea, through some of the toughest battles in history. Often fighting desperate retreats, units would be cut off, and Communist forces seemed endless.


The US lost upward of 37,000 troops and suffered 102,000 wounded during the Korean War.

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