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There is blood on the hills of Korea
The blood of the brave and the true
Where the 25th Brigade battled together
Under the banner of the Red White and Blue

As they marched over the hills of Korea
To the hills where the enemy lay
They remembered the Brigadier's order:
These hills must be taken today

Forward they marched into battle
With faces unsmiling and stern
They knew as they charged the hillside
There were some that would never return

Some thought of their wives and mothers
Some thought of their sweethearts so fair
And some as they plodded and stumbled
Were reverently whispering a prayer

There is blood on the hills of Korea
It's the gift of the freedom they love
May their names live in glory forever
And their souls rest in Heaven above.  

By Private Pat O'Connor
Royal Canadian Regiment.

Written 29 May, 1951
Killed in Action 30 May, 1951 .

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