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That's What The Red, White And Blue Means To Ev'ry True Heart In The USA -1918


Every stripe that's in the flag means something dear to me, For it's the emblem of our land and of democracy; And everytime I see Old Glory Then I want to tell the story Just as in the days of old the tale was told to me:


Everyone that's in the land should keep in memry clear Just what the meaning is of that old flag we love so dear; For every single word is thrilling 'Cause it shows we all are willing when there comes a time for it to do our bit with cheer.


Red is for the soldier boys, their muskets swining while they're sining songs of cheer; White is for mothers, while their hearts are pining smiles are shining through each tear; Blue is for the jackies on the ocean sailing, never failing once to win the day That's what the Red and White and Blue means to every true heart in the U.S.A.

Lyrics by Robert Levenson
Music by E.E. Bagley

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